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Programming Policy

Programming Policy

Policy:  The Marengo Public library offers programs to further the Library’s mission: To support lifelong learning by responding to the community needs for information, to encourage a desire to read, and enrich the quality of life in the community.

Definition: A library program is a planned public activity that takes place at the library or other locations in the community. Library programs include, but are not limited to: story times, lectures, workshops, discussion groups, performances, readings, book talks, film showings, puppet shows, interactive presentations, demonstrations, tours, training sessions, tutorials, and panel discussions.

Programs are presented for adults, teens, children, and families or combinations thereof. The purpose of library programming is to:

  • Encourage and promote the use of library resources
  • Assist customers in the use of library resources
  • Present information on issues of current or local interest
  • Facilitate the sharing of the communities “people resources”- their hobbies, skills, collections, knowledge and expertise.
  • Provide early literacy experiences and education
  • Serve as a forum for idea sharing, education, and entertainment
  • Promote cultural awareness
  • Foster a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Responsibility for Programming

Library- initiated or co-sponsored programs are resources that provide information, education, and recreation to our community. Such programs utilize library staff, materials. Community resources and organizations.


The library or co-sponsored programs are resources that provide information, education, and recreation to our community. Such programs utilize library staff, materials, community resources, and organization.

The library co-sponsors programs with other community organizations, individuals, or agencies.


When a community group or individual approaches the library with programming ideas or requests, the library staff examines the request to determine if:

  • The program supports the library’s mission or strategic plan
  • The resources needed to accomplish the program are available
  • The program satisfies the definition of a library program.


Co-sponsors are expected to actively participate in the development, presentation, and evaluation of programs. The library’s role in such cases may include, but is not limited to:

Library staff time planning and furnishing space and equipment, promotion, and preparation of related book lists or displays.



The library’s goal in programming is to connect members of our community with a wide variety of ideas and perspectives. The library will endeavor to initiate and co-sponsor programs that present a broad spectrum of opinion and a variety of viewpoints. The library is not obligated to present a program which represent multiple and/ or opposing opportunity for other viewpoints to be represented.

The library encourages and welcomes program proposals from individuals and community groups. Program content is determined by co-sponsoring organizations.


“Library sponsorships of a program does not constitute an endorsement for the content of the program or the views expressed by the participants, any more that the purchase of materials for the library collection constitutes an endorsement of the contents of the material or the views of its creator. Library staff selects topics, speakers and resource materials for library initiated programs based on interests and information needs of the community. Topics, speakers and resources materials are not excluded from library initiated programs because of possible controversy.” (“library initiated programs as a resource: An interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights”) American Library Association.


Charges and Fees

No admission fees will be charged at library programs. Sales and donations are allowed under the following conditions:

                * Fund-raising to benefit the library by the Marengo Public Library

                *Fund-raising for program cost-recovery purposes by co-sponsors of library programs.

                *The sale of items by authors and artists as part of a library program.


The library may initiate or co-sponsor off-site programs that require a fee for attendance for program cost-recovery purposes.


Library programs must be non-commercial in nature. Although a businessperson or other professional expert may present a program, the information should always be generic in nature. No solicitation of business is permitted.

Exceptions to the above may be made at the discretion of the Library Director.



Every attempt will be made to accommodate all who wish to attend a program. However when safety or the nature of the program requires it, attendance may be limited. When limits must be enforced, attendance will be determined on a first-come, first served basis or by pre-registration.

Programs designed for a general audience have no age restrictions. On the case of film programs, the Motion Picture Association of America ratings may be provided for information only. Programs designed for specific audiences may require limiting attendance based on age.



Programs will be evaluated regularly based on data collection from the audience, so-sponsor, and staff.

Expressions of Concern:

  1. Marengo Public Library staff will listen to the concern and direct customers to the Library Director.
  2. The Library Director will discuss the concern with the individual or group. After the discussion with the Library Director, a customer who requests further action will complete the Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources Statement of Concern  Form, which will be submitted to the library director.
  3. The director will schedule an appointment to discuss the completed form.
  4. After discussion with the Marengo Public Library director, an individual or group still seeking further action will have their Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources Statement of Concern Form about library resources.
  5.  Forms will be considered by the Marengo Public Library of Trustees at a regular meeting.
  6. At the meeting, the individual or group may present their comments following the procedures outlined in the Public Library Forum.
  7. The Marengo public Library Director will present a response.
  8. The Marengo Public Library Board of Trustees will make a final ruling on the concern and send a written response to the individual or group.


            Adopted- January 7, 2009

            Reviewed- November 2, 2010

            Reviewed- June 3, 2013

            Reviewed June 8, 2016

            Reviewed June 7, 2017

            Reviewed July 2018