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Personnel Policy

                                                                                Personnel Policy



  1. A.     Library Director
    1. Completed not less than two academic years of full time study in an approved college or university.
    2. Required to take Library Management l and ll from the state library for state certifications as soon after hire as possible.
    3. Required to take continuing education offered by regional and state library in order to renew certification.
    4. Computer skills and ability to operate library equipment.
    5. Excellent leadership skills.
    6. Able to generate creative and visionary ideas.


  1. B.     Library Assistant
    1. Ability to meet and deal with public in a pleasant manner
    2. Some college desired, but not necessary, as long as basic skills in the library work can be learned.
    3. Experience in library work desired.
    4. Basic knowledge in library filing (Dewey Decimal System) and alphabetizing or ability to learn.
    5. Basic knowledge of cataloging course may be taken through the regional or state library, with tuition and transportation expenses paid by the library.
    6. Basic computer skills and ability to operate other library equipment.


  1. C.     Library Volunteer Coordinator
    1. Strong communication skills.
    2. Ability to work independently
    3. Strong organizational skills.
    4. Computer proficiency skills
    5. Basic knowledge of the library and its function.
    6. Previous volunteer experience.


  1. D.     Janitorial Staff
    1. Ability to lift and move heavy objects
    2. Ability to maintain the level of cleanliness of the library.
    3. Basic understanding of mechanical systems
    4. Ability to work independently.


              Library Director

  1. Provides general administration of the library.
  2. b.      Completes and updates procedural manuals and develops a plan for scheduled review.
  3. c.       Effectively implements the policies and procedures of the library.
  4. d.      Exemplifies professional conduct, organized planning, efficient work habits and capable decision-making
  5. e.       Communicates to the public current and new services of the library
  6. f.        Communicates with city officials in a timely manner
  7. g.      Maintains certification through continuing education offerings and the eligibility for Enrich Iowa.
  8. h.      Provides staff with accurate and timely information, including board decision, budget, salary, and other pertinent information.
  9. i.        Utilizes community on an ongoing basis by encouraging volunteers, programming and well-planned library tasks.
  10. j.        Provides modeling and expectations for a welcoming environment to all library patrons.
  11. k.      Demonstrates computer skill and ability to operate library equipment.


                 Works with Board of Library Trustees

  1. a.      Demonstrates leadership by providing Board with meaningful recommendations.
  2. b.      Supports and implements Board decisions as noted in Board minutes.
  3. c.       Provides appropriate, adequate, and timely information to the board.
  4. d.      Demonstrates openness with Board regarding accomplishments and problems.


                   Manages the library’s collection

  1. a.      Supervises the preparation and sending of timely overdue notices and the collection of fines.
  2. b.      Provides for the accurate, timely, economical, and useful acquisition, cataloging and shelving of the collection.
  3. c.       Develops and maintains a regular weeding schedule and eliminates the materials weeded.


                  Prepares and manages the budget

  1. a.      Prepares budget in a timely manner prior to presentation to the Board.
  2. b.      Operates the library within the guidelines of the budget.
  3. c.       Develops a plan for allocation of funds of anticipated contingencies
  4. d.      Seeks alternate sources of funding (e.g. grants, foundations) as needed.


    Manages Staff

  1. a.      Identifies peak service hours and staffs accordingly
  2. b.      Supervises and encourages staff members input, ideas, and projects.
  3. c.       Updates and reviews all job descriptions annually, and documents this review.
  4. d.      Holds and documents annual evaluation.
  5. e.       Delegates work effectively.
  6. f.        Models effective, positive communication with staff, including the staff in long range planning, policies and activities.
  7. g.      Promotes staff development and education.
  8. h.      Encourages ideas and input from each staff member.


              Manages library’s building and grounds

  1. a.      Oversees library building and its grounds.
  2. b.      Strives to maintain a clutter free environment.
  3. c.       Establishes emergency procedures and provides staff training public safety.
  4. d.      Schedules regular maintenance repairs and maintains the licensing of the buildings mechanical systems in a timely manner.



Provides for strategy planning

  1. a.      Fully develops website and keeps it current.
  2. b.      Demonstrates creativity and initiative in creating new services/programs.
  3. c.       Seeks and maintains accreditation of the library by the State of Iowa.
  4. d.      Identifies varied needs of the library patrons.
  5. e.       Plans library collection, programming, and services according to the identified needs.
  6. f.        Follows through and completes projects.


Library Assistant

  1. 1.      Check library materials in and out
  2. 2.      Shelve materials that are checked in
  3. 3.      Assist patrons in finding what they need in a courteous and pleasant manner.
  4. 4.      Answer reference questions asked by patrons or by phone.
  5. 5.      Process interlibrary loan request, reserved items, and call patrons when materials are available.
  6. 6.      Asses and collect fines for overdue, damaged or lost materials.
  7. 7.      Assist patrons with the use of equipment, such as card catalog, copy machine and computers.
  8. 8.      Develop and implement programming, incorporate ideas from the entire staff, under supervision of the director.
  9. 9.      Assist director by:
  • Writing and sending overdue notices
  • Weeding books when necessary
  • Keeping library materials in order
  • Processing library materials
  • Informing director of needed library supplies
  • Assisting in maintaining the cleanliness of the library by dusting shelves, counters, decorations, etc. Vacuuming as necessary and any other maintenance tasks requested. These duties are generally the responsibility of the janitorial staff, but may be necessary for other library staff to assist at times.
  1. 10.  Any other responsibilities that the library director may assist.


Library Volunteer Coordinator

  1. 1.      Develops, updates, and implements the library volunteer program.
  2. 2.      Recruits, interviews, select, and schedules volunteers.
  3. 3.      Provides volunteer orientation and training.
  4. 4.      Coordinates with staff to develop volunteer jobs and projects.
  5. 5.      Develops necessary job descriptions, procedures, forms and manuals.
  6. 6.      Communicates complaints and performance issues to the library director, and participates in resolution of issues as requested.
  7. 7.      Creates an awareness of the library volunteer program through outreach programs, including but not limited to, presentations to local community groups and clubs, coordination with local media
  8. 8.      Develops and implements activities and programs to promote volunteer recognition, motivation and retention.
  9. 9.      Maintains records and files on each volunteer, including tracking volunteers training, hours worked and jobs performed.


Janitorial Staff

  1. 1.      Take out all of the trash and recyclables, upstairs and downstairs.
  2. 2.      Dust bookshelves, windowsills, pictures, decorations and other woodwork including baseboards, tables and chairs throughout the library, including upstairs, lobby, downstairs and back entryway.
  3. 3.      Vacuum carpets including in front of the checkout desk/elevator, in the computer room and other carpeted areas. Front desk area needs to be done daily, other areas may be rotated throughout the week.
  4. 4.      Clean bathrooms including toilets, sinks, sweeping/mopping floors and & replenishing supplies.
  5. 5.      Change the lightbulbs as necessary or notify the director.
  6. 6.      Notify the director of any maintenance problems that you are not able to fix.
  7. 7.      Notify the director when supplies are getting low and need to be ordered.
  8. 8.      Sweep and mop staff stairs area, hallway, kitchen floor, bathrooms (upstairs & downstairs) and the lobby area.
  9. 9.      Polish Elevator- 2 times/ per year or as requested by the director or other library staff.


Part-time and Full-time employment

  1. 1.      Part-time employment shall be under 32 hours weekly
  2. 2.      Full-time shall be equal to or more than 32 hours weekly.




lll. Appointment

  1. A.     Library Director by the board.
  2. B.     Library assistant by the library director with approval of the board
  3. C.     Family of current board members and director are not eligible for employment.



IV. Probationary period

  1. A.     Library Director
  • Probationary period is six months
  • Performance review by library board after 3 months and again after 6 months.
  • At the end of the probationary period the library will be free to release the director whose work or attitudes fail to measure up to the standards of the institution.
  • The library director may be released at any time during his/her probationary period, after given 2 week notice.
  • At the end of the probationary period, librarian assured of continuous employment as long as duties are performed to the boards satisfaction.
  1. B.     Library Assistant/ all other employees
  • Probationary period is six months
  • Performance reviewed by the library director after 3 months and 6 months
  • At the end of the probationary the library will be free to release any library assistant whose work or attitudes fail to measure up to the standards of the institution.



V. Salary

Library Director and Library Assistant

  • Set by the board and reviewed annually
  • Paid every two weeks
  • Volunteers will not be paid, unless approved by the board.


Vl. Vacation

Library Director and Full-time Staff

  • First year 1-week
  • Second through fourth year 2- weeks
  • Five to nine years 3- weeks
  • Ten years or more 4- weeks
  1. 1.      Taken with consideration of staffing and programming issues
  2. 2.      Library director will notify board of plans to take a vacation.
  3. 3.      Other employees will notify and receive approval from the library director regarding vacation plans
  4. 4.      There will be no carryover of unused vacation time from year to year.


  1. A.     Part-time staff ( defined as working on average of 32 hours weekly or less)
    1. 1.      No paid vacation.
    2. B.     All vacation benefits will be reviewed periodically
    3. C.     Holiday observers are: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
    4. D.     In the event of inclement weather emergency- Library may be closed at the discretion of the library director or designated director. Board members will be notified.
    5. E.     Any other considerations for closure will be approved by Board action or by the president.


Vll. Sick Leave

  1. A.     Library Director and Full-time staff
    1. 1.      First year- one day per month. After one year – 12 days per year.
    2. 2.      Notify director or designated if unable to work.
    3. 3.      Enlist service of substitute
    4. 4.      No accumulation of  hours year-to- year.
    5. B.     Part-time employees
      1. 1.      No paid leave
      2. 2.      Notify library director if unable to work.
      3. C.     Sick leave is not to be taken at the end of employment.


Vlll.  Paid Personal Leave

  1. A.     Librarian and full-time staff
    1. 1.      In case of an illness of in immediate family, sick leave may be taken
    2. 2.      Death
    3. Immediate family (mother, father, husband, wife, child) – not to exceed 5 days.
    4. Other family- not to exceed 3 days.
      1. 3.      Maternity
      2. Absence due to pregnancy will be 2 weeks; additional time may be charged to sick leave or vacation.
        1. 4.      Jury Duty
        2. Leave with pay less payment by court.


lX. Termination of Service

  1. A.     Voluntary termination ( Resignation)
    1. 1.      Any library employee voluntarily terminating employment will give two weeks notice of intention to leave.
    2. B.     Involuntary termination
      1. 1.      Any employee may be dismissed for any reason, included by not limited to, failure to execute assigned duties as per job description, willful neglect of duty, reduction in workforce, misuse of funds, theft, and willful violation of city policy or crimes against law of Iowa or the United States.
      2. 2.      An employee may be dismissed with-in 2 week notice or immediately for cause. Applicable due process shall be followed.
      3. 3.      The employee will receive a written copy of the statement giving the reasons for discharge. The original will be on file in the City Clerk’s office.
      4. 4.      The city administrator will be notified to start of process.
      5. C.     Employees who terminate employment or are terminated from employment shall have the opportunity to remain on the city health insurance by paying the current premium rate for a period of up to 9 months.
  • Due to liability reasons library staff may not provide rides for patrons.


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