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MPL Minor Patron Information

Marengo Public Library Minor Patron Information                                                     Minor

Patron Number _____________________    Resident of _________________________


As the parent/ guardian of _________________________________________, I agree to

pay for lost or damaged materials  checked out from the Marengo Public Library under my child’s name.

I will also pay for any fines for overdue materials that my child has checked out from the Library.

Name of Minor __________________________________ DOB ______________________

Address ________________________________________ Phone ____________________



Marengo Public Library Computer/Internet Agreement form for Minors:

As the parent/guardian of __________________________________, I have read and understand the

Marengo Public Library computer/internet usage policy. I ______________________________ give

my permission for my child to use the computers at the Marengo Public Library. I also agree to pay for any

 damages, repairs or replacement costs to equipment or software due to misuse by my child.


Minor Signature ________________________________________Date _________________________


Parent Signature _______________________________________ Date_________________________


Librarians Initials _______________________ Date _____________________