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Code of Conduct Child Policy

Code of Conduct Child Policy

Service to our young patrons is a very high priority of the Marengo Public Library. The safety of children is a serious concern of the library staff. Staff members are available to assist children with library materials or services. The library however, is a public building with staff trained to provide library services. The library does not have the staff, the training staff, or the state certification to act as a child care facility. Children under the age of 10 may not be left unattended in the Marengo Public Library and must be accompanied by a caregiver.   A caregiver is defined as a parent, guardian, or a responsible person over the age of 13.

  • Library Staff cannot take legal responsibility for a child in the case of a medical emergency.
  • Library Staff is not responsible for children interacting or leaving the building with persons who are not appropriate caregivers.
  • Library staff cannot monitor children’s use of the internet
  • Due to liability issues, library staff will not provide rides for patrons.
  • Library staff will make the attempt to notify parents if a problem or emergency should arise. If staff is unable to reach the parent or guardian the Marengo Police Department will be notified.
  • Library staff will contact the Marengo Police Department if the child is left after the library closes.


Disruptive Behavior:

Disruptive behavior is behavior that is inappropriate in a library setting and includes, but is not limited to:


  • Screaming, shouting, yelling, playing music too loud,
  • Running in the building, playing in the elevator, playing outside games inside the building (tag, hide and seek),  or moving the furniture, defacing library property
  • Behavior that monopolizes or forces the attention of staff for inappropriate amounts of time.
  • Bicycles, skates, skateboards or scooters may not be used inside the building and must be parked in the racks outside of the library.


Violations Affecting Safety and Security:

If the violation affects the safety, or is a violation of the law, the library has the right to immediately ask the offender to leave. Marengo Police will be notified if the offence in in violation of the law.

  • Pushing, hitting, fighting ,biting
  • Stealing or destroying library materials
  • Bullying or bothering other patrons
  • Disrespect of staff
  • Using vulgar language



Enforcement of the rules may take the following forms, depending of the severity of the misconduct. Library staff will use their own discretion in determining the consequence.


  • A child violating the code of conduct will be given one verbal warning. If a child does not modify his/her behavior they will be asked to leave the building.


The Marengo Public Library staff assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on the library premises. The library staff will make reasonable attempts to contact parents or guardians if the need arises. Iowa code section 726.6 “Child Endangerment” addresses the parental responsibility for providing supervision appropriate to a child or minor’s age.



Children are welcome at the Marengo Public Library and we are concerned about their safety and welfare. However, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and regulating the behavior of their children while they are in the library.

If an unattended child is being disruptive, is habitually left for long periods of time, or is deemed to be at risk of coming to harm (as in the case of a child being unattended when the library is ready to close), every effort will be made to locate the responsible parent, guardian, or caregiver. If a responsible person is not found in the library, a staff member will stay with the child. If the parent or a responsible person is not located within one hour or near closing time, the staff will notify the appropriate law enforcement or child protective services. Due to liability issues, library staff may not provide rides for patrons.

We respect the privacy of all library patrons and will intervene only when, in the opinion of the library staff, and the safety and well-being of child or other patrons are compromised.

Adopted: September 6. 2017

Reviewed March 7, 2018